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My Story

My vision as a special educator has always been that one day all children could be educated in a classroom of respect and acceptance honoring the need of each to belong and thrive as positive members of their group.

The moment I first walked into a Montessori classroom, I realized this was a philosophy and a means for educating that could be the reality of my vision. I earned my Montessori credentialed and opened my first inclusive Montessori school a month later. As the head of school and lead classroom teacher, we grew from one to six classrooms serving a wide range of diverse needs in learning and behaviors for 20+ years.


Now, as a consultant, coach, and an educator of adults, my mission is to share my knowledge and experience with the Montessori community of school leaders, classroom teachers, instructors of adult learners, and Montessori organizations. I like to think of the support I offer as a “bridge” that joins the Montessori philosophy and pedagogy with the current knowledge from neuroscience, cognitive science, and educational research and knowledge. As special education, and the broader world of education, continues to evolve in service to all students, our Montessori community can benefit from the alignment of universal best practices with our roots as Montessorians as we evolve our “next practices.”

I invite you to share my vision as we work together to gain the understanding, knowledge, strategies and skills that enable us to support ALL of today’s children.

Education And Experience
  • M.Ed. and MA in special education- early childhood (birth to 8, and general K-12)

  • Endorsements in Specific Learning Disabilities, Developmental Delays, Emotional/Behavior Disorders


Other areas of expertise: Sensory Processing Disorder, Attention Deficit disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Trauma

Montessori credential- early childhood

Transformational Coaching certificate

School Leadership for Self-Reg Schools (May 2023)

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