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Professional Development

Online courses, workshops, and presentations for educators and schools.

Dsylexia: A Montessori Solution- 2024- Cohort 10
The Science of Reading- Structured Literacy.
A Montessori and evidence-based way to teach reading to ALL students.

The Montessori Classroom for ALL: An Overview
Challenges in Behavior & Learning: Guiding a Successful Inclusive Montessori Classroom.
Whole classroom behavior and learning strategies to guide today’s children.

Aggressive Behaviors: Managing to Minimizing
Steps to Calm and Practical Strategies to Minimize in 2 self-paced modules.

For additional information about available presentations, workshops, and courses that can be presented live and customized for Montessori teacher education programs, schools and districts, and state and national Montessori organizations on a variety of topics, please use the Contact Us page to connect with me. In addition to the above, courses previously taught include Montessori philosophy, child development, special education overview, early childhood curricula, art, parenting, remote instruction, and more.

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